The Book of Rage
Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Christ as a man, a prophet, a philosopher, and/or God suffered and eventually died at minimum to demonstrate that amongst humanity there is hope for rising out of the mire of evil. No man can be faithless after seeing one of his own lose his body, family, love, dignity, and life in such a way. For those left blind to that truth a restless and hellish existence is their reward here and always. For those for whom the truth is revealed peace and faith are theirs.

What did I feel? I did not feel horrified. I did not feel offended. I did not feel it was inaccurate. I did not feel it missed the "point."
Horrified implies it was a surprise in what happened to him. Offended by truth...hmmm. Read the bible and go see the movie. If you are still confused skip the issue and save the rest of us some stress by writing your own holy book and make a movie.
Mainly I felt rage. Rage in the disgust of humanity that is mirrored in the movie. Rage at the lack of honor amongst friends. Rage at cowards. Rage at ignorance.

Rage would have been my sin of choice if all sins were to be forgiven.

"Faith is not for everyone."
- So Sayeth the Book of Rage 
Friday, February 20, 2004
  Common Sense.

O gave me a book to read during the trip. It is called The Probability Broach. It is a Libertarian propaganda version of Sliders containing detectives, secret police, 1984 elements, Ingram auto pistols, and parallel universes. None the less is proving to be fun to read and full of some common sense gems. The political parties in the book that make the most sense, or I just plainly enjoy, are the Propertarians and the Anarchocapitalists. Considering our current world is spinning farther and farther out of control and common sense the ideas of the two fictional parties are intriguing. Basically what they believe in is demand creates supply so do not interfere, what is mine is mine, and mind your own business. Nice.

"Stay off my lawn."
- So Sayeth the Book of Rage 

Thursday, February 19, 2004
  The Birth.

Do not hate me for joining your ranks for my unique view point of our world seeks to be released.

O was correct in his observation that the weekend spent in D.C. was smoothly executed and relaxing. It brought several things to light. First, Chicago is a wonderful city and those who think otherwise are decisively idiots. No offense to the D.C. inhabitants. I enjoy visiting there. The return just produces a pleasant and proud few days. Second, it is funny how one's own mind can be so divided. This all stems from some comments O , amongst others in Chi-Town, concerning my latest axquisition ( V's newest rolodex entry ). "Stick with her." "Very Beatufil." etc... Where others feel I require consious decision making. Example: "This is good for me. Stick with it. Do not get bored." I know all this but I am powerless. It is my curse.

"My love hurts."
- So Sayeth the Book of Rage.


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